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Transparente Zahnschienen - Clear Up
Transparente Zahnschienen - Clear Up
Transparente Zahnschienen - Clear Up
Transparente Zahnschienen - Clear Up

Transparent Tooth Splints – ClearUp

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Our transparent tooth splints move your teeth step by step and correct tooth misalignments in only 3 to 10 months for only 1,799 EUR. The payment can also be made in flexible instalments from 35 EUR per month.

You start with the impression kit for 49 EUR. Only after confirmation of the 3D simulation will the CLEAR UP splints be ordered for 1,799 EUR or in flexible instalment payments from 34 EUR per month.

The 3D simulation meets your expectations? That’s how we will proceed:

After receipt of order and payment, customers from Germany are obliged to have a preliminary examination carried out by either their own dentist or one of our cooperation partners. The dentist is to check whether the condition of teeth and gums allows a tooth correction. He also takes a professional dental impression for the production of the dental splints.

We will then produce your splints/aligners in about three weeks. As soon as you use your last splint, we will check together if your teeth have already reached their final position.

If there is still room for improvement, a so-called refinement is carried out. For this purpose, a further set of splints is produced using new impressions.

As soon as your teeth have reached their final position, you will receive a retainer to prevent your teeth from moving back into their old position. The retainer is worn only at night.

Welcome new smile!

Process of the tooth correction:

We will send you a set of numbered splints. The numbering has to be followed. Each individual  splint/aligner is worn 21 hours a day for two weeks. A more detailed description is naturally enclosed with the splints/aligners. 

The price includes dispatch.