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1st step: Impression kit

Your impression set

Before we start, we check with the help of the impression set if and to what extent we can help you.

3D simulation

Once we get your impression, we create a 3D simulation.

ZERO risks

If we can’t help you with our CLEAR UP splints, you’ll get your money back!


Shipping not included
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2nd step: Clear Aligners

Check-up in Germany

Before you get your tooth splints, you have to undergo a short medical check-up – safety first! (Only necessary for customers from Germany)

Tooth splints

After the check-up, your custom-made tooth splints are produced and sent to you.


In order to keep your teeth straight after the correction, you get a free retainer. You only wear it at night – so everything stays in line.

Flexible payment

You can make use of our comfortable installment payment from € 34,- monthly or order directly in our shop for € 1.799,-.

only € 1.799,-

or from € 34,-/mth.
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3rd step: Retainer

Replacement retainer

If your retainer gets lost or you need a second one for other reasons, don’t worry! We have everything you need to deliver a replacement at any time. You can order directly from our shop.

only € 69.-

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