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Dental Splints – Straight Teeth Without Braces

In many cases, adults are dissatisfied with their teeth. The reason for this is that the teeth are not straight, have shifted or rotated or otherwise deviate from the ideal.

In most cases, a dentist will also not be able to detect any disease on the teeth that is related to the dissatisfaction. Therefore, the health insurance does not cover orthodontic correction. Of course, you could pay for the treatment out of your own pocket. However, this would require you to win the lottery or a lavish inheritance.

No braces for straight teeth needed anymore?

Until now, you have been told by dentists and orthodontists that you need braces to get your teeth straightened again. But that is not so. Instead, you can also use the transparent braces. You would only have to wear them for about three months. Then you can replace them with a splint that you would only have to wear at night.

Sounds utopian? It's not! These tracks already exist. They allow you to straighten your teeth one by one. This is done by gently but surely bringing your teeth back into shape over this period. The result is a straight and aesthetic set of teeth, without the work of an orthodontist.

All you have to do is make an impression of your teeth before wearing the first splint. We use this impression to create 3D simulations. These show the shape of your teeth at all times during the treatment.

However, it should be noted that this type of tooth straightening is to be considered a cosmetic correction. Accordingly, there must be no medical objections in advance.

What are the requirements for the treatment?

Of course, you can't just start treatment overnight. It is very easy to start the treatment, but a few conditions should still be met

First and foremost, you should make sure that your teeth are clean and tidy. If there are larger amounts of bacteria on your teeth or gums, a splint will even help these bacteria grow.

It is also extremely important that you have taken precautions against periodontitis. This can be extremely painful in combination with the splints if it is not adequately treated by a dentist beforehand and during this time. You should also avoid starting treatment if your gums bleed more heavily.

Also important: You should not be missing any teeth. If you have larger gaps in your teeth because you are missing teeth, you should have your dentist fit bridges to complete your teeth before the treatment.

Loosened teeth can also be a major risk factor for an imperfect treatment with the help of a dental splint. Another prerequisite for the success of transparent splints is that the teeth must be firmly fixed in the jaw.

The misalignment of the teeth is not the problem, as this will be corrected by the splint over time. However, if the teeth are loose, the splint cannot grip the teeth properly and move them into the desired position during the treatment.

Caution with strong teeth grinding

Care should also be taken if you are someone who grinds your teeth at night more frequently and, above all, intensively. For this problem, there are also so-called bruxism splints, which are worn only at night and are intended to protect your teeth.

The immense pressure exerted by the grinding of the upper and lower jaws can cause severe damage to your teeth. The splints, which are supposed to correct your malocclusions, are not designed to function as grinding splints, they are too fragile for that.

Of course, there are also situations where you should remove the splint. These include above all sporting activities or daily meals. Especially here, dangerous bacteria can form between the teeth and the splint.

So in the best case you brush your teeth after every meal and before wearing the mouthpiece!

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