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Tooth splints - Why they are the most comfortable way to straighten your teeth

Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from the fact that their teeth do not look like those of the models in the commercials. To discover these models, all you really have to do is turn on the TV or take a little walk around the city. Perfect teeth will smile at you from everywhere. So straight that they could actually be symmetrical, so white that they could serve as a light source in the dark.

Of course, what you see there is far from reality. Rather, it's the work of Photoshop professionals who work for the advertising industry. They calculate what effect their work has on the purchasing behavior of potential customers. Unfortunately, there are also some effects as a consequence of their work that they don't even consider. One of them is the fact that more and more people strive to match the appearance of their teeth to that of the models. However, this is not always easy. Fortunately, there are a few promising possibilities.

The problem of appearance flaws

Nowadays, for many people it is a goal in life to achieve an outward appearance that corresponds to the social beauty standards. In some cases, this actually includes all parts of the body without exception, including the teeth. For this reason, there are some people who brush their teeth with great care and regularity. Who go to the dentist and make regular appointments with the orthodontist.

And so it can quickly happen that people judge - even if only subconsciously - about people with bad teeth. These people in turn try to improve their appearance so that they are no longer exposed to judgmental looks. The cleaning of the teeth, which should actually be done thoroughly and regularly, is essential. The same applies to appointments with the dentist and/or orthodontist. After all, a flawless set of teeth is a healthy set of teeth.

Here, however, it becomes somewhat contradictory. Of course, your outer appearance should never be a reason for you to want to hide. Beauty standards, often hardly or not at all attainable, are usually fooled by advertising. Nevertheless, you should of course also pay attention to the health of your teeth. This has the pleasant side effect that your teeth soon look much better.

What to do in case of misaligned teeth?

If your teeth suffer from so-called misalignments, this means that they have shifted to the left and/or right in their respective jaws. Unfortunately, this holds some potential dangers. One of them is that the teeth in the upper jaw, when you take a bite, no longer meet their counterparts in the lower jaw. As a result, the teeth can cause severe damage to each other. After all, the human jaw is one of the strongest muscles in the whole body.

Misaligned teeth are therefore a major problem for those affected. There are various approaches to treating them.

First of all, a dentist or orthodontist can instruct a colleague in the field to surgically restore your teeth to their original shape. However, this can be associated with pain and a period of adjustment. It is definitely almost impossible for many people with statutory health insurance to cope with this financially on their own.

However, then there is also the possibility of a transparent dental splint. Or rather several splints. Tooth splints are made on the basis of a 3D model of your teeth with misalignments. Since a correction of misaligned teeth can only take place slowly and gradually, there is a very specific procedure for the treatment.

The transparent splints are worn for two weeks at a time. The first splint is made to look like your teeth at the time of the misalignment. However, the next splint will be a little further towards the final positions. This gives your teeth two weeks to get used to the new splint. If you want to know more about it, have a look around in our Smile Shop!

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