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Dental Care – Which Oral Care Products Are Useful?

There are millions of bacteria in the mouth. While some help digesting food, others are harmful. The bacterial plaque must therefore be removed daily for optimal dental care. However, simple tooth brushing is not enough for good oral hygiene and prophylaxis, because some areas such as the interdental spaces are difficult to reach. Good prophylaxis means the complete removal of all plaque. Which oral care products are important for good dental care is explained below.

Suitable toothbrush is essential for proper oral hygiene

The brush should have rounded, soft to medium-hard bristles and a small brush head for good dental care and to avoid injury to the gums. The latter is important to get everywhere in the mouth. Electric toothbrushes are a better alternative to the manual models if used correctly, because thanks to the rotary movements even the smallest gaps in the interdental spaces are reached. It also reduces pressure on the teeth and gums. This also improves dental care.

Correct toothpaste - another important part of oral and dental care

For optimal dental care, it is important that the toothpaste contains fluoride. They help to store minerals in the enamel. This hardens the toothpaste and makes it more resistant to acids. Fluorides inhibit the acid production of bacteria and thus protect against tooth decay. Zinc is just as valuable for good dental care. It can prevent the formation of tartar and also counteract bacteria and plaque. Calming vegetable ingredients such as chamomile, rosemary and panthenol can help to alleviate inflammation. They also have an antibacterial effect. On the other hand, polishing substances can attack the tooth substance.

Which aids optimally support oral hygiene?

Dental floss

The market offers many different dental floss products for daily dental care. These can also be used to remove food residues from the interdental spaces. These are difficult to reach with a toothbrush alone. Waxed dental floss is ideal for crowded and crooked teeth because it glides more easily. Unwaxed threads can fray or tear, but the rougher surface makes them easier to clean. Fluffy dental floss is suitable for further tooth spacing and exposed tooth necks. It can be soaked in a solution containing chlorhexidine, which has an antiseptic effect, kills bacteria and thus improves dental hygiene.

Interdental brushes for good dental care

Interdental brushes are ideal for the best possible cleaning of the transition area between the tooth and gums. Here, small bristles are closely lined up. Interdental brushes are considered much more effective than dental floss, especially for larger interdental spaces. They are available in different sizes.

Oral shower - ideal complement to toothbrush and dental floss

The targeted water jet of the oral shower reaches even hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity. For example under bridges, dental prostheses and braces. This also removes persistent food residues and bacteria that have previously been loosened with a toothbrush. There are mouthwashes with a concentrated, partly adjustable jet and multi-jet models. The latter also massage the gums with less pressure. For the former, it is important that the water jet is not too strong. Otherwise the gums may be injured.


Optimal oral hygiene is supplemented by mouthwash. It also reaches places that are difficult for the toothbrush to reach. The manufacturers offer a suitable solution for every problem and every taste: For example, mouthwash against gingivitis, to prevent tooth decay, strengthen the enamel or prevent bad breath. As a result, the rinsing solutions contain a variety of active ingredients that make oral care easier and more effective.

Tongue brush / tongue scraper

Billions of bacteria live in the mouth. They settle not only on the teeth and gums, but also on the tongue. This is where a large part of the bacteria sits, which, in addition to bad breath, can cause numerous other health problems such as digestion and breathing problems. During normal tooth brushing, the harmful bacteria of the tongue are not removed at all or insufficiently removed. For optimal oral hygiene, it is therefore advisable to remove them with a tongue scraper as a prophylaxis.


Many people understand prophylaxis to mean regular tooth brushing and an annual check-up at the dentist. But this alone is not enough to keep your teeth and gums healthy for as long as possible. In addition to a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste, the correct brushing technique and various special aids such as dental floss and oral shower are also very important. They complement and optimise daily dental care.


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