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When It Starts Itching – Home Remedies for Herpes

It begins with tingling sensations and small, itchy blisters: Herpes on the lip. An infectious disease that is spread worldwide. Once they are infected, the virus remains in the body for the rest of their lives. Partly visible as herpes in the mouth and then again for many weeks without any symptoms.

What Are the Causes of Herpes on the Lip?

The herpes simplex virus type 1 is responsible for herpes on the lip. It usually causes the characteristic infection and manifests itself as herpes in the mouth or herpes on the lip. The virus of the same name as type 2 causes almost identical symptoms in the genital area, the so-called genital herpes.

Herpes in the Mouth - A Lifelong Infection

The viruses look for simple ways of transmission. Herpes on the lip can be transmitted from one person to another by a smear infection alone. The viruses are located directly in the vesicle fluid, which is why one kiss is usually enough to transmit herpes on the lips. The liquid can also be distributed in the saliva and also contribute to the transmission. Transmission can take place, for example, through a shared spoon. Toddlers are particularly at risk because they have the habit of constantly putting their fingers in their mouths. When infected for the first time, the viruses attach themselves to the smallest tears in the mucous membrane. Via the epithelial cells, they multiply on the surface of the skin, enter the body and remain there for a lifetime.

Important note:

Herpes viruses can survive for up to 48 hours outside the human body. Children's toys, cutlery or glasses can also transmit herpes to the lip for a limited period of time.

Should herpes in the mouth be treated with medication?

Even conventional medicine can only alleviate the symptoms. Antiviral drugs are used. However, since the virus has found a firm place in the organism, a successful treatment cannot be assumed. If drugs are used for the treatment of herpes on the lip, it can lead to permanent resistance, which means that such drugs can no longer help with similar diseases. For this reason, it is better to use household remedies for herpes on the lip.

Which household remedies help against herpes?

Basically, herpes cannot be cured. Only the symptoms are relieved by medication or home remedies against herpes. This applies especially to the painful phases of the viral disease. Patients should react as soon as they feel the first signs. Especially with herpes in the mouth or herpes on the lip, the sensitivity to pain increases as soon as the vesicles fill with the infectious fluid. The early intervention reduces an explosive multiplication of the viruses, but cannot prevent the outbreak.

Honey can help with herpes in the mouth

Trying different home remedies for herpes can be helpful. However, absolute hygiene and cleanliness must be guaranteed for all remedies. Honey is often used for herpes on the lip. The natural product is known for its antimicrobial ingredients. Dabbing some honey on the affected area can be helpful. At the same time, the bubble is naturally closed on the surface and the spread of viruses is inhibited. Honey is particularly suitable if herpes exists in the mouth.

Tea tree oil as household remedy against herpes

Tea tree oil is also known for its antimicrobial effect. Long before there were antibiotics, it was used as a proven remedy. At the same time tea tree oil has a disinfecting effect. The oil should only be used as a natural product, preferably in organic quality. If it is used directly in the initial phase, it can significantly reduce the spread of viruses. The entire process up to the bursting of the bubbles and the subsequent healing can thus be shortened.

Other bee products are propolis and Manuka honey. This honey from New Zealand contains methylglyoxal and is said to be particularly effective. Both home remedies for herpes are considered as food or dietary supplements and are available in appropriate shops.


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