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Healthy Teeth, Healthy People – What Does the Dental Health Day Teach Us?

September 25th was Dental Health Day. What are the risks of unhealthy teeth and how can proper nutrition help dental health?

Every child knows that healthy teeth are important to bite hardly and smile beautifully. The good news about the 28th Dental Health Day: In recent years, things have been going uphill. Fewer tooth decay, healthier teeth, successful means of prevention, information and prevention even for the youngest children. Dental Health Day (*²) is the date in many regions to start educational work on how to prevent the health consequences of tooth decay. How dangerous are the white spots on tooth enamel and what role do sugar-free foods play?

Healthy Teeth – The Be-All and End-All for Well-Being and Success

The health of teeth allows conclusions to be drawn about a person's behaviour, origin and social status. Clean and healthy teeth are a guarantee for physical health and success – if you want to be successful at work, you need a gapless, white smile.

If this is not the case, the consequences can quickly become obvious: caries and holes are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Inflammations spread quickly through the teeth and endanger the health of the entire body. The psyche of people with dental problems also suffers. Caries is one of the clear signs that action must be taken before it is too late. Teeth demineralised due to acidosis begin to discolour and become the starting point for painful and severe consequences.

Bad Teeth Have Psychological and Physical Consequences

There is no question that Dental Health Day is justified. In the worst case, the physical consequences of bad teeth are serious cardiovascular diseases. It all begins with the spread of pathogens in the areas affected by tooth decay. The gums are well supplied with blood and thus provide access to the bloodstream. From there, pathogens spread throughout the entire body. Permanent inflammations can also favour the formation of cancer cells.

The psychological consequences of visible problem areas also weigh heavily. If you smile only hesitantly or barely at all, you attract skepticism and discomfort from others. Presenting gaps or problem areas raises the question of what might be so difficult about brushing your teeth two times a day. Just like kindergarten children learn already. Withdrawal from others and the feeling of being excluded are the consequences of visible problems with teeth or malpositioned teeth.

Proper Nutrition – Sugar-Free Food Can Be Delicious

Sugar is a major cause of tooth decay because it overacidifies and demineralizes the teeth. On Dental Health Day, children learn that healthy teeth depend on more than just brushing, flossing and tongue hygiene. A healthy diet and the promotion of sugar-free foods are also the focus of the doctors and initiators around the Dental Health Day.

Sugar provides the greatest breeding ground for tooth decay and is also a trigger for diabetes. It promotes overweight and the associated consequences. Healthy teeth are strengthened by proper nutrition. With a few healthy and tasty snacks, children and adolescents also get a positive incentive to exert some influence on parents and grandparents. The children learn that sugar-free foods also serve as healthy treats with the right tooth brushing techniques.

It's That Simple: Preventive Check-Ups and Dental Hygiene

In addition to proper nutrition and adequate dental hygiene, healthy teeth also require regular preventive check-ups. Even the youngest children should have regular check-ups at the dentist. The dentist gives an insight into whether the teeth are well cleaned and can react to any problems that may arise.

On Dental Health Day, children learn that brushing teeth is an important and simple activity. Early childhood imprinting shows success: While 30 years ago an average of 7 teeth per set of teeth showed caries, today it is statistically only 0.7 (*³).

Visits by dental hygiene activists on Dental Health Day overcome the social barriers of the parental home. Thus, they guarantee that children can show healthy teeth while smiling, regardless of their origin.

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