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Treat loose teeth with a transparent split

Treat loose teeth with a transparent split

Gum disease is the main cause of loose teeth for adults. If left untreated it will sooner or later lead to loss of the surrounding tissue that holds the teeth in place. Unfortunately, in most cases the problem is only recognized when it is too late. It’s also one of the main reasons why regular dental check-ups are necessary. Even if the teeth feel alright, there might already be a problem with the surrounding gum that cannot be treated once it is too late.

Loose teeth are difficult to treat

Eating and chewing with loose teeth is particularly unpleasant. Just the feeling of a tooth being pulled out of the gum with each bite is enough to give you cold goose bumps all over your back. It can take what feels like an eternity until the gum is strong enough to eat properly again. The alternative is to pull out the tooth - which is hardly pleasant either.

Therefore, many patients, who suffer from loose teeth ask themselves, if they can be fixed again? If the tooth is not firmly anchored by the gum and isn’t fixed in the jawbone, daily meals become a torture. Every bite moves the tooth a little bit in the gum and the jawbone.

Why do teeth become loose in adults?

There are essentially 3 reasons why adult teeth loosen over time. These are:

  • Damage to the ligaments of the tooth...
  • Too much bite force
  • Gum diseases

If the tooth is affected by excessive bite force, a dentist refers to it as "primary occlusal trauma". This means that the tooth suffered from a persistent extreme biting force and gave way with time. This is often a result of teeth grinding or nervous biting. Less often, it’s caused by a tooth misalignment which causes a tooth to suffer more than expected from the biting force of the jaw.

Prolonged gum disease

Prolonged gum disease leads to progressive bone and gum loss around the tooth, which again leads to - this time secondary - occlusal trauma. This trauma occurs when even normal forces are exerted on the tooth, but the tooth is no longer able to withstand these forces due to its weakened "foundation". This type of gum disease is the most common cause of toothlessness.

Another problem that is caused by teeth grinding at night or nervous pressing of the teeth together is that the enamel of the teeth wears out faster than average. Those who suffer from these problems literally crush their own teeth after a few years. A dental splint prevents this from happening. Worn at night it not only helps stabilizing loose teeth, but also keeps you from grinding from teeth.

The dental splint helps with loose teeth

Secondary occlusal trauma is a predestined area of application for a dental splint for teeth that have loosened due to receding gum tissue. A splint strengthens and protects the tooth, making it capable of regenerating itself.

During everyday life, the splint further reduces the toothache, as the teeth under the splint can no longer move, which means that the stimuli are no longer present.

The advantage: a transparent splint is inconspicuous and does not affect someone’s most beautiful smile - and can be quickly removed at mealtimes. This also makes daily dental hygiene easier than with conventional fixed braces.

This means that a transparent splint is not only effective and protects and treats loose teeth - it is also suitable for anyone who wants inconspicuous orthodontic treatment. No brackets and wires disturb the mouth. This makes splints a modern and almost invisible method for correcting mild to moderate orthodontic problems. They align the teeth like braces, but use a transparent, removable aligner.

How does the treatment work?

Just like with conventional braces, adjustment appointments are usually made every six to eight weeks. However, transparent braces are changed every two weeks on average, based on your dentist's recommendations. Each splint system adjusts your teeth according to the plan established by your dentist by consistently applying the necessary pressure.

The splints are custom-made for the patient's teeth and are made of transparent, very strong plastic, about one millimetre thick.

In general, orthodontic treatment with clear dental splints is faster than with conventional braces. Since patient compliance is crucial to the success of the treatment, patients must be disciplined to wear their splints at all times to avoid prolonging the treatment or compromising the results.

During treatment with transparent splints, a computer program is used to create a virtual model of your teeth to show you all the steps from the initial position of the teeth to the desired final result.

Statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs of dental splints. Therefore, patients of statutory health insurance companies have to pay the costs completely by themselves. Privately insured patients should seek advice from their health insurance company, as the services provided differ between the various insurance companies.

In any case, an orthodontist or dentist should be consulted and assigned with the diagnosis and explanation of the medical necessity.

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