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Prevent Caries in Milk Teeth by Prophylaxis

Caries is a disease of the tooth that can affect children at an early age. For this reason, early prophylaxis is absolutely necessary. Caries among children is on the rise and parents in particular have to pay close attention to the hygiene of milk teeth. The assumption that tooth decay in milk teeth doesn’t cause permanent damage is a mistake. The risk of damage to the permanent teeth is many times higher.

Bacteria cause tooth caries in milk teeth

Caries gradually attacks the teeth until the enamel is eroded. The result is a painful attack of the dentin and the dental nerve. Caries is caused by bacteria in the mouth, which transform sugars into harmful acids, which in turn attack the enamel. Minerals in saliva regenerate the tooth, but in relation to the natural minerals, too many acids may form. The result is tooth decay and the so-called hole in the tooth. The infestation of caries is already possible during childhood. The first tooth can already be attacked by the acid. Children who drink sugar-containing beverages out of a bottle are particularly at risk. Here the balance between acid and minerals is no longer given and tooth decay meets a grateful breeding ground. In addition, tooth decay spreads more quickly, as many bacteria settle in infected teeth.

Problems caused by caries in milk teeth

The belief persists that caries in milk teeth does not have permanent consequences, as the teeth will fall out anyway. However, this is a mistake, since caries in childhood can lead to long-term consequences. Later on, a big problem is the risk for permanent teeth. The probability that they will be affected by tooth decay is significantly higher than for healthy milk teeth. A second permanent problem is an orthodontic one: If milk teeth are missing in the dentition because they had to be extracted, the positions of the permanent teeth shift. Caries in childhood can also cause crowns to break away, which in turn can cause permanent speech and eating problems. Regarding all these problems with long-term consequences, it should also not be forgotten that caries in milk teeth can cause severe pain for children.

With carious milk teeth to the dentist

If caries has occurred in milk teeth due to a lack of prophylaxis by the parents, it is inevitable to take the child to the dentist. However, many children have respect and even fear of the dentist, which can have a strong effect on the mood in the family. Very anxious children often need a local anaesthetic and a mixture of laughing gas and oxygen to calm them down. Very young children who cannot yet hold still may have to be anaesthetised with a general anaesthetic. An unpleasant experience for the child and the parents. The treatment of caries in milk teeth hardly differs from that in permanent teeth. Only the use of placeholders when removing the teeth should be mentioned here. This has the background that orthodontic problems should be prevented by placeholders.

Prophylaxis by parents

In order to prevent caries in childhood, parents must always pay attention to regular prophylaxis through dental hygiene. The first teeth in infancy must already be brushed. This is done with a fluoride toothpaste suitable for children and should be done at least once a day. Brushing the teeth may be difficult due to little enthusiasm on the part of the child, but it is absolutely necessary to prevent caries in milk teeth. It is also important that children rarely consume candy or sweet drinks. This is the easiest way to prevent caries from forming. When it comes to drinking, it is a good remedy against caries in milk teeth that small children drink from the glass very early on. When sucking a bottle, the teeth are otherwise constantly rinsed by water, which damages the enamel. An important prophylaxis against caries in childhood also takes place at the dentist. Between the sixth and 34th month of life, the health insurance company pays for the application of fluoride varnish every six months, which strengthens the teeth. Parents should not do without this prevention of caries in milk teeth.

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