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The Age of Influencers - What makes them so special?

You have certainly noticed that today more than ever the influence and importance of so-called influencers in our society is at stake. Today we want to give a little information about it, because this phenomenon actually does not come out of nothing.

The wide variety of social media

First of all, let us look at the social media. Social media are mainly networks with a large number of people. The best known are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. WhatsApp can also be understood as a social medium, as it is the most frequently used news service for private individuals. You can send each other text messages, sound recordings, pictures and videos, even make phone calls or - similar to Skype - video calls. All you need is the other person's mobile phone number and of course to have the app installed on your smartphone.

Facebook and Instagram work in a similar way, but are not just designed as a communication application, but also offer many other features as a platform. On Instagram, this mainly involves sharing photos and videos with its so-called followers. These are all those people who follow the sharing channel, i.e. have subscribed to it. But of course every user registered on Instagram can share such visual content without any restrictions.

Facebook, on the other hand, also offers innumerable other opportunities to virtually connect with other people. As with Twitter, the main focus is on sharing self-written text blocks. But there is also the option of sharing photos and videos, as well as the function of creating events and inviting others to do so. Facebook also has its own messenger, which works similar to WhatsApp.

The Range of Social Media

To give just a few numbers: According to Wikipedia, as of December 2018 Facebook has a total of 2.3 billion monthly users, and the trend is rising. WhatsApp has had at least 1.5 billion users since February 2018, and Instagram has just over a billion registered accounts as of January 2019. Twitter has just over 300 million active users, but it could also be considered one of the most important social platforms of all. After all, as a mass medium it is the mouthpiece of the President of the United States.

These figures alone show how irreversibly established the social media have become in the world population. Originally only intended for the networking of students, who should be able to exchange information more easily about their studies or various projects, they are now used for any purpose. Companies exchange information about their cooperation, conferences are held. Intercultural exchange takes place almost all over the world, with just a few clicks you can get visual and detailed information about the appearance of any area in the world. Artists from all over the world are able to network and collaborate even though they are thousands of miles apart. And all this is only a tiny fraction of what the social media still offer.

Let us now move on to the influencers.

The rich, beautiful and famous - in short: Influencers

Influencers are people of the so-called public interest who enjoy a relatively high popularity in certain social circles. Because of this popularity, they have some influence on others. This influence is caused by their opinions, recommendations and thus their personality. Unfortunately, the crux of the matter is that the status of the influencer is not necessarily accompanied by actual expertise. Rather, it is usually the pure popularity status that turns someone into an influencer. On social media this is expressed by a high number of followers.

The activity of an influencer aims at the socio-cultural and empathic character traits of the others. In short: Influencers are people who, through their mere opinions and the statements they make based on them, can influence the opinions, attitudes and attitudes of entire groups of people and, in some respects, steer them.

But this is not a coincidence. There are reasons why someone becomes an influencer. And unfortunately there is a sobering factor for many people: Sometimes it is enough if one only meets - or seems to meet - the beauty ideals of today. And on this point, a disproportionately high percentage of all influencers unfortunately have a lot in common: Up to perfection silky-smooth skin, no spots or wrinkles. Athletic body figures that sometimes threaten to go unhealthy, if not already are on the best way there. Make-ups made up to the point of unnaturalness, which sometimes hide the natural appearance of those in such a way that they could not be recognized on the street without make-up. And of course the backdrops of the photos and videos are always provided with digital effects to suggest the image of a high society lifestyle.

What we at SmileMeUp are most likely to notice, however, is that there are no crooked or unhealthy looking teeth. White and straight; as if made for advertising posters. And here we are once again on the subject of the dangers of today's beauty ideals.

Attention: Influencing trap!

Who does not question, not critically examine what he has before his eyes, unfortunately runs the risk of succumbing to false ideals or imitating a lifestyle that is not his own and should not have been originally. And so it unfortunately happens nowadays more and more often that young people and teenagers in particular fall prey to an almost vividly designed image. Of course, the appearance of influencers is also improved with digital effects in the vast majority of cases.

Of course, it is not a bad thing if influencers motivate their thousands of followers to improve their appearance and that of their teeth so that these people feel more comfortable in their own skin. For the teeth, the additional appointments at the dentist can only be good.

But the problem is, it doesn't stop at this point. The followers, who lack a critical gaze and a tendency to question, do not do the optical beautification of their bodies only for their own sake and usually not at all because of their health. Rather, they try to correspond to an ideal of beauty at any cost. Hunger diets, mass-purchased make-up articles and even painful cosmetic surgery are no longer a rarity in their own cases.

Conclusion: Health always takes precedence over beauty

In case you're unhappy with your looks and follow people on social media who share only the most perfectly dressed up articles with the public. In case you also want to live this life, what these people seem to have. In the event that you are considering reshaping your appearance to match the beauty ideals suggested by influencers. - Please let us tell you: You don't have to do that. Pay attention to your health, that is important. Everything else is irrelevant. Beauty and appearance are subjective factors; each individual is beautiful in his or her own way. And if you desperately try to match a perfect lifestyle pretended by influencers, you are not doing anyone a favor, especially yourself.

As far as your teeth are concerned, it is best to go to the dentist from time to time, i.e. at least two to three times a year, and have him perform an examination. He will make sure that you have white and healthy teeth after a short time. Among other things, he can recommend professional tooth cleaning and wearing removable splints. The teeth cleaning will make your teeth whiter and the teeth splints will help to correct misaligned teeth. This is the most professional way to make sure that you have come a little closer to the beauty ideal of the influencer, with the main focus on your own health. 😊


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