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Everything You Need to Know About Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontics - how adults can have their teeth straightened

A dental splint for adults? It used to be unimaginable, but today more and more people beyond the age of 18 are using orthodontics. As an adult, you can achieve more self-confidence and increase your aesthetic radiance by straightening out misaligned teeth.

It is a fact that some misalignments of the teeth do not occur in childhood and adolescence, but only in adulthood. In this case, an almost invisible splint is a solution for adults to have their teeth straightened and smile much more brightly than before the treatment.

Good reasons for a dental splint in adulthood

Modern orthodontics does not require braces reminiscent of a wire frame. Those adults who have so far excluded orthodontics for aesthetic reasons and for the sake of visible braces can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to invisible splints. Depending on the degree of the misalignment, it is possible to wear a removable splint or a fixed splint for adults. Both models are transparent in material and therefore a possibility to keep your teeth straight despite work and leisure activities.

Orthodontics for adults does not specify a maximum age. The jaw and thus the position of the teeth can change into old age and thus create the need to have the teeth realigned. However, it is important that the gums are healthy and that the periodontium is completely free of inflammation.

Orthodontic treatment with alignment of the teeth is only possible if the gums are intact and the teeth are firmly fixed in the jawbone. If the gums are inflamed, a visit to the dentist is necessary before an adult orthodontic treatment.

Differences in a dental splint treatment between adults and adolescents

In adolescence, aligning teeth in most cases involves slight to moderate malpositioning of the front teeth. A change of the jaw is rare, so that the treatment can be done with conventional braces. Orthodontics for adults presents a greater challenge for various reasons. In adolescence, misalignments can be treated more easily due to the jaw still growing and the associated mobility of the teeth. In adulthood the jaw is already fully grown and the teeth have found their fixed place. The possible shifts result mostly from years of incorrect chewing movements or accidents in which the jaw was affected.

Although adult orthodontics is a little more limited and complex, a dental splint for adults can provide straight teeth and a graceful smile. The older the patient, the more important the optimally adapted therapy concept becomes. While tooth alignment in adolescence is usually completed within a few months, the orthodontist for adults can take longer to complete due to complex pre- and post-treatments.

Sensitive teeth: Tooth splint still possible for adults?

In youth, the enamel is not as worn-out and the teeth are much less sensitive than in old age. This aspect also poses a challenge to orthodontics for adults. Treatment with braces is usually not painful, but can cause irritation and sensitivity in the teeth.

Here, transparent splints are the better choice as they enclose the teeth and do not irritate the tooth surfaces. If the sensitivity is very high, it can be worthwhile to treat the sensitivity of the teeth beforehand and increase the amount of orthodontic treatment possibilities for adults.

Basically, potential patients should know that they are never too old to have their teeth aligned. Thanks to the innovative systems and various therapy options in orthodontics for adults, today everyone can make a decision for straight teeth and a better quality of life.

Important note: Misalignments of teeth can lead to undesirable side effects that are difficult to diagnose. For example, it cannot be ruled out that crooked teeth can cause headaches, neck pain or jaw pain due to incorrect chewing movements. With treatment in orthodontics for adults, the problem resolves itself, since the teeth are brought into a natural position and realigned. The optimal treatment is based on a comprehensive diagnosis, which is carried out by the orthodontist and adjusted to the desired treatment result.

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