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Aligner or Fixed Braces? Advantages and Disadvantages

A very good alternative to fixed braces are the so-called aligner splints. These have decisive advantages over braces. On the one hand, they are far less visible. On the other hand, the treatment and insertion of the splints is not nearly as painful as with braces. And you can almost completely avoid the rather annoying visits to the orthodontics, for example, if you make an impression of your teeth yourself. But the most important questions first:

How much do dental splints cost?

If you want to treat your teeth with the dental splints, you should be prepared for the price of 1.799€ in advance. However, you also have the option of paying this in installments of 34€ per month over a period of about four and a half years. And the best thing about it is that the impression set, that you will receive from us in advance, is completely free of charge.

How can splints be cleaned optimally?

Another very important question is how to best clean the aligner splints. This is very easy. Again, you basically have two options.

Just like your teeth, your dental splint can be cleaned with toothpaste and toothbrush. The only drawback is that as soon as you're done brushing your splint, you can start over with your teeth. That's why you might want to consider going the alternative way by using cleaning tabs in a glass of water to clean the splints. You fill a glass with water, put the splint in it and then dissolve one of the cleaning tablets in the water. Just like brushing your teeth, this guarantees, perhaps even more so, that all germs are removed from your splint.

Cleaning the splints is one of the most important aspects of the entire treatment. The problem that can occur is that germs on the splint surfaces can become very dangerous for your general oral hygiene. Worst case scenario: It can cause inflammation or even infections in the mouth.

When should the splints be used?

Normally you only wear the aligner splints in the daytime. This way your teeth are optimally straightened over time. However, you can also wear splints at night, but for other reasons. First and foremost, these so-called retainers ensure that your teeth don't move back again while you are not wearing an aligner. They keep your teeth in the position, so to speak, that the aligner has been able to achieve in the daytime. But retainers also help against snoring problems and especially tooth grinding.

However, you should not lose sight of another important aspect here: Nocturnal tooth grinding in your sleep can be a symptom of stress or internal imbalance. To solve this problem, of course, you need much more than just a dental splint. In this case, you should definitely also consider starting psychotherapeutic treatment. In general, a retainer splint also protects the substance of your teeth. Your teeth - especially when you grind them - have to withstand the immense pressure that your jaws exert on each other both in daytime and at night.

How can you purchase the dental splints?

First of all you should order the free impression set from us. With this set you can make a perfect impression of your teeth at home. To make sure you get the best impression, you will receive detailed instructions on how to do this as part of the impression set. The impression you send back to us will be used by our experts to create a 3D model of your aligner splints.

Based on the 3D model, it is also possible to see how exactly your teeth will look at the end of the treatment. If you are satisfied with the result, there is nothing more to stop you from undergoing treatment. This way, you can straighten your teeth in a very short time and regain your most beautiful smile.

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