Get your new smile with
SmilemeUp – No brace required

From 34€ per month – professional
teeth correction with satisfication guarantee

Your new smile - without braces!

From 34€ per month - professional and with satisfication guarantee


Why CLEAR UP aligners from SmileMeUp?

We set our vision from the start to provide smart affordable teeth solutions to everyone.

We orient ourselves to our customers and focus on every customer individually to make sure that everyone enjoys the journey as well as results of teeth straightening.

SmileMeUp is cheap

Affordable teeth straightening

Why pay more when your professional dental treatment can also be cheap? With us you can save 50-70% without sacrificing quality!

SmileMeUp Aligner

Fast treatment

Our founders were early adopters of teeth straightening with clear aligners. They monitored and treated over 40,000 cases. With experience comes quality and speed, thus, we developed our own methods for effective teeth straightening.

SmileMeUp Doctor

Teeth correction

Just don't waste your time on scan centers anymore! we cut time and give you a more realistic and professional service through our wide network of doctors.

Your new smile in 4 easy steps


Teeth impressions

The first step to a radiant smile is simply made from home. Order the impression set in our shop today and we will send it directly to your home together with a clearly understandable video instruction.



The 3D simulation shows you a rough estimate of how your teeth will look after treatment with our Clear Up aligners.



A cooperation SmileMeUp partner near you will take over the preliminary examination, impression taking and your care (only obligatory for customers from Germany). An additional 3D simulation may be created on instruction from your doctor.


Clear Aligners

Afterwards the tooth splints will be produced for you. The CLEAR UP splints should be worn 21 hours a day and changed every 14 days. Until you get your dream smile.

Learn more about SmileMeUp:

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What our customers say


We make beautiful teeth affordable for everyone. Our splints are up to 60% cheaper than from other providers.

Further costs could be applied by the treating doctor, please refer to the section "Who accompanies your dental treatment?"


Who accompanies your dental treatment?

We always obey the laws of the country you live in. If you live in Germany, medical care is obligatory. This includes, among other things, an examination of your dental health, making dental impressions and a follow-up check to clarify whether it is necessary to refine the result after the last dental splint.

Please note that not all dental services and visits are covered. Your treatment price covers the first two visits to your dentist. Do you have any further questions? Just contact us!

If you live outside Germany, a medical check is not required. But we won't leave you alone! Your dental treatment is monitored by our internal experts and your progress can always be professionally evaluated. You always have a competent contact person at your side.

How do your teeth move throughout the treatment?

Your teeth movements are planned through professionals who use software to move teeth through several steps.

Your teeth usually move at a rate of 1mm per month.

You will receive a 3D simulation that shows you the steps of teeth movement.

You will receive several aligners, each alignar is worn for 2 weeks, then you will switch to the next one automatically.

5 Months
6 Months
4 Months
8 Months
4 Months
5 Months


Liefer- und Leistungszeit Die Versendung des Abdrucksets erfolgt spätestens innerhalb von 10 Werktagen nach Eingang Ihrer Zahlung, wenn Ihnen vor oder bei Vertragsschluss keine anderen Fristen mitgeteilt worden sind. Mit dem Abdruckset erhalten Sie einen Rücksendeschein und ein Bestellbestätigungsformular über Ihre individuell angefertigten Zahnschienen, das auch die datenschutzrechtliche Einwilligungserklärung beinhaltet. Nachdem die von Ihnen mit dem Abdruckset hergestellten Abformungen sowie das Bestellbestätigungsformular und die Einwilligungserklärung ausgefüllt und unterzeichnet bei uns eingegangen sind, fertigen wir Ihre individuellen Zahnschienen und senden Ihnen diese in der Regel innerhalb von 15 Werktagen zu, wenn wir Ihnen nicht zuvor gesonderte Liefertermine mitgeteilt haben. Unsere Lieferungen erfolgen für Sie versandkostenfrei (nur innerhalb Deutschlands). Eine Selbstabholung der Ware ist nur nach vorheriger Absprache möglich.